A few highlights from this year (2007)....

Just wanted to show a few of my favorites from this year......as I just started this blog and hope to keep adding to it! I will link it to my website (www.christinenall.com) soon!

Mardi Gras Mask (my favorite!)
Dreamy Butterfly Mask
Princess and a Butterfly
Rainbow Mask
Peacock Mask
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to introduce the "Half Spiderman / Half Pirate" and a beautiful flower child.
I always embrace new ideas!

This was my first year participating at "Mom's on Madison" with Divalysscious Moms! They put on all kinds of fun events all over NYC, and I had a blast! (www.divalyssciousmoms.com)
Roses and Daises...and if you look really close you will see the lady bugs crawling all over the flowers!
More lady bugs.....I think I might have to start adding them to all my flowers.
Wild Horses....
July 20, 2007 Books of Wonder (www.booksofwonder.com) invited me to their Midnight Madness, for the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by J. K. Rowling.
Flying hearts....
There is a Tiger in every bunch!
This was definitely the first time I have ever had a request for a skunk! What a lovely frog?!
4th of July
King Kong taking over New York City....
Peacock inspired mask.

There might be spiders crawling up your neck, so don't scream!
Make believe is what makes Face Painting so wonderful!